Doubleplusgood Inc & Mini Anden to make Catholic/Jewish movie

Doubleplusgood Inc

Doubleplusgood Inc & Mini Anden Catholic Filmmakers…

Mini Anden

In Sherman Oaks, Doubleplusgood Inc & Mini Anden are looking to bring Tobit, a modern comedic Jewish family adventure spec by professor/scribe Stephen Dorff. The Pic will be produced by Doubleplusgood Inc, through his Amsterdam Ink Society, along with Mini Anden and Adam Sandler’s Entertainment Group.  They will be represented by Agency For The Performing Arts and Tobit.

Stephen Dorff Tobit Writer

PREMISE: Tobit is an observant Dutch Jew living in Amsterdam. He lives correctly, giving alms and burying the dead. In spite of his good works, Tobit is struck blind. Concurrent with Tobit’s story is that of Sarah, daughter of one of Tobit’s distant relative, whose seven successive husbands are each killed by a demon on their wedding night. When Tobit and Sarah pray to God for deliverance, God sends the angel Raphael to act as intercessor. Tobit regains his sight, and Sarah marries Tobit’s son Tobias. The story closes with Tobit’s thanksgiving and an account of his death. This is actually a Jewish short story possibly dating from Persian times in some Bibles is the book of Tobit, named after the father of its hero.

TITLE: Tobit (script download)

ACTORS: Mel Gibson invovled in Tobit movie!

GENRE: Religious drama, Jewish drama, drama.

TIME: 1920-1040

SETTING: Amsterdam, Neatherlands

MARKET: USA, International

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Gross-Weston Productions Inc & Tom Welling

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